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# Get_Links_Categories
I want this Global Plugin to display on another domain on my server that is using Joomla 3.0

# Get_Links_Categories

This function will get a list of ALL the categories the given link is in. You also have access to all the categories details, such as Number_of_Links, Description - etc. Here is an example of how to call it:


<%loop cat_loop_for_link%>
<li><a href="<%URL%>"><%Full_Name%></a></li>

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Re: [Sies] # Get_Links_Categories In reply to

You can't :) If its not using GLinks, there is no way to do this.

The only option you have - is to put that code into a new page - say "category_list_include.html", with that code in.

Then call it via an IFRAME:


That should then show the categories

If you are able to program PHP, then you could also do an include() of that URL and place it directly into the script. Be aware though, it'll slow the page down (as it needs to grab it)

Another option - is to have a cronjob on the drupal site, which will grab that URL and save it as a static HTML file (so you can include it directly into Drupal)


Andy (mod)
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