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Won't send expiry emails

Having a bit of a problem and need some help with the following:

Unable to send mail: Unable to send email: Internal software error at /hsphere/local/home/hamp/hamp.com/cgi-bin/links/admin/Links/Payment.pm line 1515.

0 emails were sent.

$GT::Mail::error ||= ''; # Silence -w
(Line 1515) GT::Mail->send(
smtp => $CFG->{db_smtp_server},
sendmail => $CFG->{db_mail_path},
debug => $Links::DEBUG
) or warn "Unable to send mail: $GT::Mail::error";
if (!$GT::Mail::error) {
$db_link->update({ ExpiryNotify => $notified }, GT::SQL::Condition->new(ID => 'IN' => \@ids));
$count++ ;
return $count;

Thanks in Advance for your help
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Re: [rascal] Won't send expiry emails In reply to
It seems to be working ok, after I reinstalled GT Files.

Don't have a glue to why this happened!