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Using Pagebuilder with Ace_News (static pages)

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Using Pagebuilder with Ace_News (static pages)
Hi Andy and Yogi,

Have posted a few questions here to see if this is feasible.

Is it possible to add Ace_News pages to the Pagebuilder plugin so all the Ace_News articles are built using static pages.

Andy, I see I can embed Ace_News articles in static pages but you have to define/build a new page each time you add an article?

Im hoping to add a Page Type to pagebuilder that will allow me to enter 1 page/template that can cycle thru all the Ace_News articles using Ace_News's attributes to build the file names / directories. eg. Build Directory = articles/<%TimeStmp%> and Build Filename = index.html

Yogi, don't know if you know how Ace_news works but it basically sets up a custom MySQL table (lsql_News_Articles) with stored text for each article such as <%Title%> <%Short%> <%Full_Article%> etc. and orders them using a timestamp <%TimeStmp%> (instead of an ID).

Could I get this working by adding the Ace news column values/names to the pagebuilder.pm file in your opinion Yogi? example:

$PAGEBUILDER_FIELDS = { link => { filename => [qw/LinkID/],
directory => [qw/LinkID Full_Name CategoryID/] },
category => { filename => [qw/CategoryID/],
directory => [qw/CategoryID Full_Name/] },
user => { filename => [qw/Username/],
directory => [qw/Username/] },
editor => { filename => [qw/Username/],
directory => [qw/Username/] },
review => { filename => [qw/ReviewID/],
directory => [qw/ReviewID/] },
acenews => {filename => [qw/TimeStmp/],
directory => [qw/TimeStmp/] },

and setting up a custom sub within the pm for pulling in the text from the News_Articles table and outputting to the static pages? example:

my $news_articles = $DB->table ('News_Articles');
my $_id = $IN->param('TimeStmp');

It may be this isn't possible or would take a couple of days coding (im not the fastest coder ;-) to set this up? - in which case the best method would be to define a new page each time I add an article.



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