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User to User email plugin

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User to User email plugin
Does anyone have a plugin that will allow one user to email another?
If not, would anyone be interested in such a plugin if I was to write one?

This is a large project for me, but I really need it, so any input into making it generic enough for a plugin would be appreciated.

Early stage development ideas...
From link listing, there would be a button or link for "add to contacts". Clicking this link would add the link <%ID%> to a contact-list and take you to a template displaying the appropriate info (email, contact name, link name) The contact-list would have a back button of course.
On the contact-list page, each contact would display with a checkbox next to the list item.
At the bottom of the page (form) there would be buttons to "remove selected" and "email selected". This would allow selecting several contacts and then writing 1 email to send to all selected contacts.
Once on the "send email" form, user would simply type message, and hit send (actually fill out a form and send).
There would be no email sent! Instead, the "email" would be added to an "email" table in LSQL. This would allow the Email system to be used on public internet access as long as user has access to the web.
When a user logs in, they can check internal LSQL email by click on an email link which would take them to a list of recieved-emails. Unread emails would be in bold, read emails would be plain text. There would be a checkbox next to each email for selecting, and a delete-selected at the bottom of the page.
Would also need a "Sent email" list with the ability to read (not edit) sent emails.

I think you get the idea :-)

FYI, my link directory is going to be a paid-only directory with 2 types of users; Entertainers and Event Planners. The idea is to allow Event Planners to choose several Entertainers and simultaneously email them with their event specifics. The Entertainer only needs to be able to reply to the inquiry with an accept or decline for the event. In the bigger picture, I may need to route payments from the Planner to the Entertainer.

Thanks for any input.
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