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User Profile Option
I am wondering if anyone has been able to do this.

What I am looking for is, a user profile feature, where users also have option to update their (user info and not link/listing information) information.

For example a user page like :: http://www.theukhighstreet.com/...ofile.pl?user=afinlr while also giving users an option to update their profile information.

Any help will be highly apprecaited.

Thank you.


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Re: [NeedScripts.Com] User Profile Option In reply to
Hi Vishal,

I'm using a modified version of the UserMonitor plugin. However, I've now incorporated Gossamer Community into my site so this is now even more modified. I would suggest installing Gossamer Community - this allows your users to update their profiles - then I think you would just need to add a template to show the profile. This would also mean that you wouldn't have any issues about upgradeability as Gossamer Community is developed by GT.

The UK High Street