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User Auth Plugin Hooks
Im a 8 hour newbie in links.sql and for that matter Pearl, and I've searched around for an answer and havnt been able to find one...

I'm trying to link the Links.Sql user login system to a previous system my site allready has that uses PHP/Cookies. So, from what I understand, I'm looking for a hook that would execute before Links validates the login and cancels the default validation code. Im confused that in the Plugin admin there seems to be a lot of "auth_blah_blah" hooks, but they dont seem to work and their not documented in the list of hooks. So my question is, are there any user authentication hooks? If not, is it possible to add hooks in the source of Links? Id rather not do that since im new to Pearl, but if its the only way then its the only way.

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Re: [shackman] User Auth Plugin Hooks In reply to
I suggest you download the auth_vBulletin plugin from your Links SQL admin area. The plugin is used for log in/authorize users through their vbulletin username/password.

Have a look at the code, and see how it's done. That should get you going.

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