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Uploads a free GT Plugin?

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Uploads a free GT Plugin?

I'm going to buy Pugdogs upload plugin off him, but I'd like to know if GT is going to make their own and make it available free for 2.0?

It seems a bit odd (to me) that what was a standard feature didnt continue to the new release. Maybe soon?


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It wasn't really a standard feature. It was a weak hack, as Alex has stated before. I was never able to get it to work, much less work right.

GT might very well release one. I've got a complex system, and I think mine is pretty good, and will probably have more features, more error checking, etc, since it's an integral part of another project, not just one feature of the whole.

It seemed easy to make an upload plugin, but the shell alex sent me, that was about 5k, is now almost 30k and that is just for the basic features! The graphics manipulation routines in the demo site are another 60k of code on top of the 30k plug-in code. (Plus the installation of Net::PBM).

In order to get the files to work, lots of things have to be taken into consideration, and I've not even got all the error checking working right!

The integration of FileMan has added a new wrinkle, since maybe now it's possible to tie into that code, to allow more "standard" file manipulation.

The bottom line is, you won't hurt my feelings, but with everything GT has in the fire, I think ading in a module like this may be down on the list of things to do.

GT has offered to set up a way to distribute the commercial 3rd party programs as well as the free ones, so obtaining and purchasing may be much easier in the near future.

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