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Unable to read data... in CGI.pm

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Unable to read data... in CGI.pm
Alex, GT staff, programming experts,

I see such errors daily in my error logs:
GT::CGI::MultiPart (3826): Unable to read data from server.
Still have 166658 bytes to read, but got 0. Data in buffer is: at path_to/MultiPart.pm line 139.

I use GT::CGI and Links modules in my custom application for upload & input management. I do NOT run under mod_perl.
I use the GT library from LSQL v3.0.3, where module versions are: GT::CGI version is v1.144, GT::CGI::MultiPart v1.5, Links v1.197.

I thought, the way I used GT::CGI and Links modules is wrong, so I checked again, and removed all things, which could cause interferences. But nothing. It continues to produce such errors.

I do load the libraries in CGI mode (NO mod_perl, NO persistent environment), in following order:
use GT::CGI;
use GT::Session::File; # must be loaded in conf_system.cfg, because session dir is set here
use GT::Template;
use GT::File::Tools qw(rmkdir move);
use GT::Date qw/date_set_format format_date date_transform date_get/;
use CGI qw/:standard/;
$CGI::POST_MAX= 1024 * 5000; # max 5 Mb posts allowed to avoid Denial of Service Attacks
use CGI::Cookie;

use Links qw/$IN $CFG/;

  • Did I something wrong with load order?
  • Is there a compatibility conflict between GT::CGI and CGI.pm when loading both?
  • I will try to move the Links load right after GT::CGI load, hoping that it will fix that problem.

    I would appreciate any ideas, suggestions, regarding this problem.


    Best regards,

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