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Top 100 Sites Banner
I want to give the sites listed in our links section a banner that will they can place on their site that will one link them back to our site and two also bump them up in a top 50 / 100 , etc.. listing from that specifiic catagory when a user clicks on it. I have read and read and cannot figure out how to do this. Can someone give me a hand on how to make this work with LinksSQL? ..


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Re: [Dale_Brown] Top 100 Sites Banner In reply to
I'm not sure how you would want that to work.

You can set a "priority" level for searches and builds that will sort out certain sites higher than others.

But, if you want to insert a specific sit into that order, for _that_ one search only, sort of a "phantom" insertion to make that site look better to that searcher, I'm not sure how it would be done without a lot of heavy changes to the search system.

You'd need to maintain a cookie/key to the site the user came from, and then insert that site into the search order, after limiting the search to returning 49 or 99 results.

Somewhat tricky.

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Re: [pugdog] Top 100 Sites Banner In reply to
Here is a link to our competitors Top 100 to give you an example. This is where the sites sign up for it.


We would like something similar with linkssql and to have a banner or text link on their site that will let their users vote for them to raise their status in the list.
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Re: [Dale_Brown] Top 100 Sites Banner In reply to
It can be solved using one of the PHP scripts you find on the following page:

I understand, that you would like to do in Links SQL.
You could do it is a way similar to this:
1) Merge 2 link database:
a) So you would need to have the LSQL link database, and
the TOP script link database merged somehow, or
b) to import all links from LSQL to the TOP script database.
2) Replace or extend jump.cgi
a) replace jump.cgi with in.php script execution, or
b) modify the jump.cgi, to also count the hit in the TOP database

This is how you should do the modifications.
Not so easy, but with a bit Perl & SQL knowledge you could do it.
If you decide to do the modification, I could help you with advices how to do it.

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