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Tip - Category Location Events

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Tip - Category Location Events
I have posted about this template feature before, but think its worth refreshing the idea again.

If you need to do something within certain categories you can use this tag to identify, and act upon where-you-are within your categories:

<%if category_name icontains ford%>do whatever<%endif%>

You can also use:

<%if URL icontains ford%>do whatever<%endif%>

Just use your imagination!

I use this tag to show special offers within the ford categories thus:

home / vehicles / ford / cars / focus /

<%if category_name icontains ford%>ad-code-here<%endif%>

will show ads ONLY within the ford related categories and those below: home / vehicles / ford / cars / focus /

This may seem a little obvious to more experienced users, but even I often forget how versatile this little tag can be!

Very useful!


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Eraser: Oct 10, 2007, 3:48 AM
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Re: [Eraser] Tip - Category Location Events In reply to
Thanks for the tip, Eraser
I never heart about this feature.
I will give it a try.