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Thumbnails from the Attachment Plugin?

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Thumbnails from the Attachment Plugin?
Hello everyone,

I have tried a variety of ways to place uploaded images using the Attachment Plug-in into a thumbnail display. Has anyone accomplished this task or even considered it?

<a href="<%detailed_url%>"><img src="<%IMAGES%>" border=0 width="100" height="100"></a><%else%>

Does anyone know the correct way to use the <%else%> tag to pull out the attachment images?

I have tried a large variety of ways and nothing is working the attachment plug-in requires:

<%-- File: detailed.html --%>

<%if link_has_attachments and viewable_attachments%> <%include include_attachment_list.html%> <%endif%>

<%-- File: include_attachment_form.html--%>

<%loop link_attachments%>
<td align="right"><%body_font%><%row_num%>.</font></td>
<td><img src="<%build_root_url%>/images/files/<%image%>">&nbsp;
<%body_font%><a href="<%att_url%>"><%filename%></a>,
<%description%> <small>(<%size%>)</small>,</td>

Thank for any help received.

Sandra Roussel
Chonsa Group Design - Fresh Start Housing
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