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Thumb_Images v7 - testers needed

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Thumb_Images v7 - testers needed

I'm looking for some final beta-testers for Thumb_Images v7. This is a TOTAL re-write of the current version, and handles accents much better, weird file names, error reporting, and also only requires very minimal template changes. You can still define different image sizes for Links, Category and Reviews... but the system is much more flexible and less confusing to setup now. The code is also 50% smaller compared to the old plugin (the original was written over 10 years ago, so as you can imagine I've learned in terms of coding things more efficiently now Angelic)

If you own Thumb_Images and would like to get your hands on this before anyone else, please email or PM me. It should work fine (I've already got it setup on 3 sites, and it works perfectly on them)... but I would just prefer some final "checks" from a 3rd party Whistle


Andy (mod)
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