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The counter
<%if URL eq 'http://'%>
<a class="category_links" target="_blank" href="<%rewrite_url($ID,$Title)%>"><%Title%></a>
<a class="category_links" target="_blank" href="<%db_cgi_url%>/jump.cgi?ID=<%ID%>"><%Title%></a><%endif%>

This is a peace of code I use so people can submit information with no URL the detailed pages have the RewriteEngine On
so the URLs are friendly for the search engines. The problem is I need the counter for the pages with no URL also; this way it doesnít count how many times the link pointing to the detailed page has been clicked.
(The regular links with URL works fine)
If anyone can come up with some miracle <%else%> code it would be really nice and helpful. Or should I give up the Friendly URLs or the counter on all pages?

Any ideas or opinions are very welcome.

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Re: [modifier] The counter In reply to
Just in case someone understand what Iím talking about.

I have temporarily solved the problem so the counter will not show up on the detailed pages with no URL

here is what I used

<%if URL eq 'http://'%><%else%>

Hits: <b><%Hits%></b><br>

Simple, Cool
If I will have some extra time I will look for info to set up extra counter for the detailed pages.