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Template editor - turn WRAP on?

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Template editor - turn WRAP on?
This question is for Alex or one of the GT programmers -

Is there a particular reason that the template editor has text-wrapping turned OFF? This has been an annoyance to me when editing templates...

I found the template for it at admin/templates/admin/build_tpl.html, and the textarea line reads:

<textarea rows="<%editor_rows%>" name="tpl_text" cols="<%editor_cols%>" wrap="off"><%tpl_text%></textarea>

I'm inclined to just turn wrap to "on", but since it was set to "off", rather than just not included, I thought I'd ask to make sure this won't hurt anything.


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Re: [biketrials] Template editor - turn WRAP on? In reply to
You should be safe. All that will probably happen, is that you will click the 'turn wrapping on' link, and it won't appear to do anything, cos its already on :)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Template editor - turn WRAP on? In reply to
?? What "turn wrapping on" link? There is no option, as far as I can see, for turning wrapping on for the template editor (Links SQL Admin | Build | User Templates).