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Submission Restriction Plugins

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Submission Restriction Plugins
I'm getting overwhelmingly high numbers of submissions... unfortunately, about 50% of them are junk.

I'm interested in restricting these as much as possible -- without requiring people to register.

The plugins I'm using to "direct" my submissions as best possible are:

1) AddSpider_SQL (Paul's)

2) Duplicate_Check (Andy's)

I'd like to further restrict these, thus hopefully improving the quality of submissions that get through. I'd be happy to pay anyone interested in devloping plugins based around these ideas:

1) A "spell check" of sorts. Checking the submission against a list of "known words". If none of the words appear in the submission, the submission would be rejected. Basically with this I'm seeking to weed out non-english submissions, as well as nonsense submissions.

2) Similar -- a "bad word" filter.

3) Enter this "code" to complete submission.. the code being based off of a graphic displayed on the submission page (ala Altavista). This should fend off any auto-submitters, once and for all.

I'm not looking for something perfect here; getting into the generation of graphics may be more in depth than it needs to be (I'm not a cgi programmer, I don't know). Something that could merely show 3 single digit graphics without revealing what the numbers are from the URL would be fine.

Is anyone interested in taking on this type of project? The extra submissions are driving me nuts.

Thanks in advance to any takers.
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Re: [AMJones] Submission Restriction Plugins In reply to
Number 2) See attached Filter_Words plugin I wrote a few weeks ago Wink

Re: The thing like AltaVista.com, where you have to confirm a code, that shouldn't be too hard.

Andy (mod)
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