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Sub Categories Listings on Pages Messing Up

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Sub Categories Listings on Pages Messing Up
Hi, I'm using the YahooSubCats plugin. After the last update something must have happened because now I have issues. Under some (not all) sub categories instead of it having the bigger Sub Category heading on top of the page, then the smaller word "categories" below,with any sub sub categories in a different colour below that and then the word "Links" below that with the actual links listed below I get this:

Name of Sub Category of Page (subscribe)

Then under this I see the main category for this sub category which looks like this:
English@ (38)
and below it the sub cats are listed depending on whether I have SUB1 in the description.

Even in sub categories where there are no sub sub categories this happens. I noticed that if I don't have a link under a category this happens and I've tried deleting the subcatstyle to no avail. If there was any documentation on "subcatstyle" that I could find I would read it. The ALL(1) seems to be the default. This will be very confusing for my users. Any suggestions or ideas? Is there no Goss Threads manual around? Thanks, S
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Re: [shell] Sub Categories Listings on Pages Messing Up In reply to
If it includes @ then it must be a related category.