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Static Review Pages using Page Builder

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Static Review Pages using Page Builder
I have tried doing this, but am not successful.. and was wondering if someone can help me out.

Problem 1
I am wanting to create static pages where end user can view the review page... so instead of having http://www.needscripts.com/cgi/review.cgi?ID=1103 type of url.. I can have http://www.needscripts.com/...der/review/1103.html

I was wondering if this is possible using Page Builder plugin.. cuz I have tried it.. but it does not seem to work.

Thanks for the help.

Vishal Thakkar

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Re: [NeedScripts.Com] Static Review Pages using Page Builder In reply to
Using PageBuilder, you can define your page as follows:

Page Type: Review
Build Directory: pagebuilder/reviews
Build Filename: <%ReviewID%>.html

This will build your pages as you want it.

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