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Spider re-install not working

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Spider re-install not working
Our problem is that we needed to clear the Spider database and start again. I was told to uninstall Spider and then re-install it and it would clear the database.

1. The re-install did not install any .def files, but we have FTPd them from a backup and have overcome this. Should the install create blank files which can then be populated from the Spider database set-up

2. We assume the .def files are ok from the old backup , but the Spider does not now show the status file we now get the message

"Spider is currently not running or status port is temporarily unavailable (Spider is not running or not producing status files) " We cannot find a status file in the directories. Should a status file be created when install is re-installed?

3. General Question? we run spider from within Telnet using the command ./spider.pl In first installation it would run and show results in the Admin Status page, but we could not stop it by clicking the link. We have tried stopping clicking ctrl and c in Telnet. What is your recommended way of running it as we are not an ISP and Telnet is only way of running it.

Thanks Dave West
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Re: [daveparadigm] Spider re-install not working In reply to
Hi Dave,

The attached file is for future use. If you need to clear the spider's data. Upload the script into the administration directory, ensure that the def files can be deleted by the currrent user and run the script.

The old def files should be fine. Occasionally, there are problems deleting them because of relationships.

3. The best way of running it is just like how you are doing it. Occasionally, the spider may take extra time for it to stop. 10 seconds to 30 is alright. If that doesn't work, sometimes, the spider will be killed prematurely and can't finish cleaning up after itself.

First make sure that the spider isn't running

ps ax | grep spider

will check if the spider is running. If it is, you'll see something like the following:

4539 ? S 0:00 /usr/bin/perl ./spider.pl
4541 pts/3 S 0:00 grep spider

The first line is the most important. That means that the spider is running.

In that case, try using the admin to stop the spider, but if that doesn't work grab the first number of the output, which is a process id and kill it.

kill -9 4539

Finally, if the spider is still reporting that it is running, you may have to go into the following directory: ../admin/Plugins/Spider and delete the "spider.status" file.

Hope this helps,