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Span Pages on Specific Criteria (PageBuilder?)

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Span Pages on Specific Criteria (PageBuilder?)
Greetings All!

The title of this is a little obsure ... but the issue itself is not.

Is there a way (most likely a plugin) where Pages (with a certain criteria) can be built AND SPANNED when the number of links are excessive.

I do use PageBuilder, but it does not have the current ability to span pages like this. To better explain what I am wanting to do, is I have a link which is 'recommended. Currently I can display all these via search.cgi. This works okay, and special templates will probably do the trick, but what I'd like to do is to be able to build the pages statically.

I recall in the early days of Links 2.0 (non-SQL) I did some hacking to the code to achieve this, but with the modularity of LinksSQL I am not keen to start hacking the files.

Anyone got any ideas how this can be done.


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Re: [Clint] Span Pages on Specific Criteria (PageBuilder?) In reply to
Try this thread for some ideas - I assume that this will still work in v.3 but I haven't tried it.


Also this one which has a more simplified form of the main global: