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Sort by Date Range
Has anyone tried to sort links within a category by Date Range using the Add_Date field? So I'd like to have a drop-down type menu that gives the user the ability to view all links in category from:
This Week (or last 7 days)
This Month (as well as past months)
This Year

As well, is it possible to display the Add_Date field in the Add Link form and default the current date?

Basically the links are date sensitive and dates need to be displayed, but they aren't necessarily today's date, they could add an entry from a week ago, thus I'd like to give them the ability to modigy the Add_Date. Does this seem like a good approach, or should I create additional fields for entry date?

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Re: [pshadow] Sort by Date Range In reply to

We have something :)


There are no demos atm, but if you contact me privatly, I could send you a link to a site currently using it.

Ironically, I only put the finishing touches to the release version yesterday (havn't even had time to announce it on the forum yet =)).


Andy (mod)
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Re: [pshadow] Sort by Date Range In reply to
I'm not sure what Andy's plugin does, but personally I would use a new field for this.
To display today's date in the field, try <%GT::Date::date_get()%>.