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Small bugs in package GT::Base

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Small bugs in package GT::Base

I have derived a class from Links::HTML::Users but I was not able to use
it Unsure because I was not able to connect to the database. Debugging the code
I have found that the problem is in package 'GT::Base' function '_get_attribs'
where he do not explore the parents.
I changed this line:
my $fattrib = defined ${"${pkg}::ATTRIBS"} ? ${"${pkg}::ATTRIBS"} : next;

with this line

my $fattrib = $ATTRIB_CACHE->{$pkg} || _get_attribs($pkg) || next;

And my installation is working fine.

Hope that this will be integrated in the next version of Gossamer Links.


Emanuel Dejanu

FYI: I use ActivePerl v5.10.0 on Windows XP SP3 and Apache 2.2.9

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emanueldejanu: Oct 2, 2008, 7:14 AM