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Small Auction Script Plugin

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Small Auction Script Plugin
hello everybody,

i'm looking for an small auction script plugin for links_sql 2.1.1.

the script should use the links_sql-user-table and users for login-information. that means if someone is logged in in links_sql as a user, he should be able to use immediately the auction.

the best thing for my uses (maybe not for others) would be, if all registered users (in the links_sql) are allowed to make a bid, but only the admin is allowed to start new auctions (or some kind of auction validation, so that i am able to delete all auctions that are not mine).

my idea is to have an auction area for link-owners where they can make bids on my advertising areas. so the price for an e.g. monthly banner in one of my directories categories is made my an user-exclusive auction.

if anyone has some kind of auction-script-plugin for links_sql 2.1.1 please respond, send me a message or a mail.


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