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ServerCheck Plugin??

i am searching for a server-check-plugin for linkssql.

the plugin should do the following:

- checking all servers/urls saved in the linkssql-database

- generating monthly uptime-reports and sending them via email to the link-owners (optional)

- generating warnings/alerts if the servers/urls are down and email the warnings to the link-owners (optional)

(An nonLinksSQL-example is [url=http://www.sunnyscript.com/item11.htm]here[/url])

does anyone know if such a plugin exists and were i can get this ?


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Re: [ManuGermany] ServerCheck Plugin?? In reply to
The nph-verify.cgi script checks each link in the database, and enters a response code into a database for that site.

You'd want to run that script daily/nightly and then email the results to the webmasters. You might consider doing something like running nph-verify.cgi and seeing how long it takes to run (on a large database it can take awhile). Assuming it takes an hour to run, you might set a second cron job to run 3 hours after it to read the verify table and select for each link for that date that had a 404 or non-200 response code. Use the LinkID to look up the link record and get the LinkOwner and contact information, then send the email.

You'd want to add a field to the Users record to allow a user to turn on/off status notifications, and have your email program check that field before sending the email. You might actually want 2 status fields - daily/monthly notifications.

If you do this, you'd want to have an option to trim the "Verify" table at 6 months or so -- at least.

You (or Alex) might want to consider changing the Verify table from a 'date' field to a 'datetime' or timestamp. That way, when a message is sent out, the recipient would know that the "spider" hit at 3am when scheduled downtime was planned, and not at 1pm when the email was sent out.

Using an add-on script after nph-verify is a better idea, as it would be most compatible through the versions.

You could get fancy, and do it in a 'reverse' manner, by searching the Users file to see who wants status notifications, creating a list of those users and their ID's, then checking the status of those ID's on either the daily (select * from Validate where Date = 'dddd-dd-dd') or monthly (select * from Validate where Date < xxxx-xx-xx and Date > xxxxx-xx-xx) and sending out those reports.

I can see this getting more complicated, if you wanted to track daily hits and daily jumps for each site as well as agregate hits/jumps.

But, it sounds useful, and I've added it to my list of things to get to one day <G>

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Re: [pugdog] ServerCheck Plugin?? In reply to
I seem to be talking to myself alot :)

But I thought of another 'feature' for the searchlogger -- potentially.

When emailling the link owners of their pages, you could also give them a break down of how their links fare in the top 20 keyword searches on the site.

This is a bit intensive, but not terribly so if only sent out once a month.

You'd need to search on 'keyword' and ID IN ($list_of_users_link_ids)

You could probably increase efficiency by searching on each keyword once returning only the ID's, storing those in a hash, then comparing each user's list of links to the stored hash.

It's a trade-off of brute-force vs elegant efficiency, but it can be done :)

The downside is that it encourages keyword cheating, but the upside is it allows honest link owners to upgrade their keywords/descriptions.

It also helps develop an anti-cheating keyword policy.

It also would allow a program to check the top x keywords, and if the number of returned results is > NN, to request the user enter an additional keyword to help refine the search.

Hmmm.... the ideas keep coming.

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