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Sending email?
Ok..I've just been reading up on the mail sending feature with GT modules...however, it seems that you need to decide what type of sending process you want to use first, correct? How are we meant to do this? I was hoping it would be something simple like;

$email_from => 'from@someone.com',
$subject => 'somethging here',
$message => ' your message can go here'

But it looks like I'm wrong...

Am I? Unsure How would you guys do it?

Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Sending email? In reply to
Look at the bottom of Links::User::Add

require GT::Mail;
$GT::Mail::error ||= ''; # Silence -w
GT::Mail->send (
smtp => $CFG->{db_smtp_server},
sendmail => $CFG->{db_mail_path},
from => $from,
subject => $subject,
to => $to,
msg => $msg,
debug => $Links::DEBUG
) or die "Unable to send mail: $GT::Mail::error";