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Send hits by email by month

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Send hits by email by month
Hi everybody!

I'm wondering if there's a plugin or a global for this matter :)

Here's what im trying to do....

I'll like to send an email to some links owners (I'll choose one) once a month where I can include their total hits his site receive on that month.

I know that Linkssql has a filed for the hits count, I can probably add a new field on the db to have a yes/no about receiving the monthly email for that particular user (default will be no), then how can I get the initial hits at the begginging of the month and then how can I send the information by email?

Any ideas? or do you know if there's a solution like this or to perform a task like this?

This will be great as I can keep constant communication with the link owners I know about how much traffic my directory send them by month.

Thanks in advance for your help on this matter.

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To do this automatically on a regular schedule e.g. monthly, you could write a script that queries the database and sends the emails, and have it run via a cron job.

I have similar scripts that I run monthly for different purposes - they are written in PHP but since they are essentially back-end and hidden from the user it doesn't make much difference.

There would be some other things any particular solution would need to address but this is one way it could be done.