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SEO/Marketing Company discount system

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SEO/Marketing Company discount system

I'd like to offer discounts on paid submissions to selected SEO and Marketing companies, and I'm willing to pay for someone to set this up for me.

I know I can copy add.cgi and modify it to offer the discount - but that won't really give me any control over who uses it once it's in the public domain.

What I'd prefer is a table containing the SEO company details with an ID for that company and a simple Discount Enabled [Yes|No] field. I can then control the discount, and the ID can be kept with the link so I can see how many sites a company is submitting.

Since the discount will be the same for all companies, it'll either be on or off, so no need for any calculations based on preference or link submission volumes.

Put the SEO Discount ID field on the add form and if it's filled-in check to see if there's a match; if so, is that company enabled for discount?; if so, forward to discounted payment URL; otherwise display an error saying "not found" or "discount not enabled" and return to the add form.

I use Clickbank for my sales so the add form would simply redirect to either a regular payment URL, or a discounted payment URL depending on the outcome as above.

So, having read all that ... is it do-able? If so, any idea of the cost?