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Rotate Meta Data
Hi All

Would there be a way to rotate meta data like keywords, descrip and other things?

The idea would be to rotate meta data to help keep the site fresh and reduce maintenace. You could set the rotation parameters on a per-build and maybe even a per-category basis.

Let's say, for example, that for any particular category you had 3 sets of keywords, 3 sets of descriptions, and maybe even 3 sets of extra title field data so that you can rotate a tag line or something in the title field.

Then, admin could say, "Okay, for category X, let's rotate the keywords every 3 builds, the descrips every 4 builds, and our title tag lines every 5 builds. But, for category Y, let's try key-8, descrip-9, and titletag-10."

You could also select on a per-category basis whether to rotate any particular field at all...... key-0, descrip-0, titletag-0

I envision this kind of thing to be a plugin, but I'm not a code meister. Otherwise, I'd put it together.

What do you think? Would it be possible to do something like this? Kind of a Meta Rotate Plugin?

Many thanks Smile


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