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Recommend_It Bug on installation....

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Recommend_It Bug on installation....
Not sure if this has been covered before, but there is a problem in the install file. On line 147 in the Install.pm file, you have;

$file->name ("$CFG->{admin_root_path}/templates/default/recc_success.html");

This should really read;

$file->name ("$CFG->{admin_root_path}/templates/$CFG->{build_default_tpl}/recc_success.html");

... simply for cross compatability. Otherwise, when using a different template set to the 'default' one, you get errors Frown

I'm posting this publically, so that if anyone is having the same problem as I did, they know how to fix it.

Just thought I would bring this to your attention pugdog.


Andy (mod)
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