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Google API
I've been playing around a bit with Google's API, and I'd like to start a discussion of how one could use this in conjuction with Links.

Some ideas how it might be used:

1. obviously, search (e.g. if no result is found in the Links database)

2. automatically add links that are returned for a keyword search. E.g. my directory is about Iyengar yoga, so I search for "iyengar" and "yoga", get some search results, and the links are automatically added to some (hidden) category. I can then validate those links. or delete the ones I don't want. This could be extended: in the admin area, you could enter some keywords and a target category, and the search results would be automatically added to the target category.

3. pages that do no longer work could be replaced by their google cache

I'd be interested to know what ideas other people have.

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That sounds like a very good idea. I'd be interested in something like that.

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