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User Page when Logged In
Hey All,

Is there a way to make a 'User Page' so that when they log in they can go to this page and see all of the various options such as posting, modifying etc...?

I tried linking to user.cgi but it logs out and makes the user login again


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Re: [Gregorio] User Page when Logged In In reply to
You could make;


.. and then make a new template called users_page.html, which would load up the users settings, and then you can use some <%if%> tags to wrap around the options.

Unfortunatly, its not a built in option :(


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Gregorio] User Page when Logged In In reply to

This is actually is a build in option..

Link to http://yoursite/....cgi?p=login_success

See our site for info, see (User's toolbar on top ) when logged in (username Test, password Test)

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