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Random as default value
I have Links.sort and want to set a random value in it.
How i can do that, please?
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Re: [Robert] Random as default value In reply to

So when you add a new link? It would be best done as a plugin, hooking into the add_link user_add_link hooks. If you don't need it to happen immediately, then you could just do a very simple script on a 5-minute cron:


use strict;
use lib '/home/path/to/admin';
use Links qw/$IN $DB $CFG/;


$DB->table("Links")->do_query(qq|UPDATE glinks_Links SET RandSort = FLOOR(RAND()*(25-10+1))+10 WHERE RandSort IS NULL|);

Just set that on a 5 minute cron (or however often you want). This will then update links where there is no value set already.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Random as default value In reply to
Yes, thank you. I made it with a php and
change all Links from time to time.