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Random Link on static page

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Random Link on static page

We are using a global to return a random paid link on the left menu..

On static pages it is not rotating (same link till its revuilt) is this normal or is there a way we can fix this.

the global is:

sub {
# Displays a random featured link
my $db = $DB->table('Links');
my $time = time;
my $cond = GT::SQL::Condition->new('ExpiryDate','>', $time, 'ExpiryDate', '<', 2147483647);
my $c = $db->count($cond);
my $r = int rand $c;
$db->select_options("Limit $r,1");
my $link = $db->select($cond)->fetchrow_hashref;
return Links::SiteHTML::display('link_featured', $link );

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Re: [katabd] Random Link on static page In reply to

Yup, thats normal (as its a "static" page, i.e is only built when you do a build =))

The only way to really sort it, is :

1) An IFRAME, which links to a dynamic page, where the global is called#
2) A similar thing to the IFRAME - but Javascript, which grabs the page when its viewed by a user


Andy (mod)
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