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Questions regarding User Plugin

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Questions regarding User Plugin
Hi everyone, I have two question regarding User Plugin:
  1. How can i use a second (third, ...) "user_modify" plugin for other fields in the table "Users"?

    The first actual page read and write the following fields from the db:
    name, email
    but i need a second page with complete other informations:
    street, Zip, country
    And i want to put them in seperate pages. So i need seperated "success-pages" too! What should i do?

    Or does another possibility exist, how can i read and write attributes from the User-Table?
    Any ideas?
  2. And: When i am adding in the URL a parameter, e.g.
    i can use this payment tag in the login_nl template.
    e.g.: <%if payment eq '1'%> ... <%endif%>

    But this payment parameter i isnt usable in the success page of the user plugin!
    I get: PAY= Unknown Tag: 'pay'
    Is it possible, that i can read and use parameters in the URL like in the rest of the script?

Thanks in advance and

greetings from germany,


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