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Question on Pagebuilder
This may be really stupid ...but I can't figure it out.

I'm assuming that I can use all tags in Links on Pagebuilder pages.

I try to create a page based on category that will show all links in that category.

If I use the tag <%links%> like my other category pages I get nothing.


Richard White
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Re: [RWhite] Question on Pagebuilder In reply to

if you define you page with "Page Type = Category" then indeed you can use the "links" tag and also "links_loop".

I just tested this, and did indeed get the "links" tag on the page (if there are any links available in this category).

Can you make sure that you have indeed defined the page type as 'Category'. Also, can you use <%GT::Template::dump%> on the template to see what kind of tags are available, in particular what the value is for "total".

Iyengar Yoga Resources / GT Plugins
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Re: [yogi] Question on Pagebuilder In reply to

Thanks I knew it was something simple.

I just had the wrong name on the template.

Richard White