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Put Table in Admin Table Editor

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Put Table in Admin Table Editor
I have read pugdogs post for version 1 here: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...forum.cgi?post=71245.

I am wondering what you do so that users of your plugin can interact with a new table in a plugin. I want the admin of my editor monitor plugin to be able to easily set the values of some of the fields in the EditorDetails table I have created.

Is it possible through a plugin, to safely insert a newly created table into the admin->database->editor? (where category, user, links currently are). I am assuming that not all plugin users know how to use MySQLMan safely, and that it is easier to do this in the admin panel anyways.

Otherwise one has to create a secure database modification interface for the admin only, and this seems to be something you would want for many plugins, and should be done throught the existing admin area.

Obviously I am going to have to build something into the editor's browser files so they may change their settings in this table (limited of course). But the admin should be able to view and change this table in whole from the admin panel.

I hope this makes sense.Crazy

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Ian: May 28, 2002, 1:40 PM
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Re: [Ian] Put Table in Admin Table Editor In reply to
Can I get an updated answer to this question for lsql 3.x?

I simply want administrators to be able to edit my plugin's custom table,
and allow them to add and edit entries using GT's table editor.

I am currently provide table editing by adding a plugin menu item that 'links' to the editor for my table using:
print qq|<a href="$CFG->{admin_root_url}/admin.cgi?do=editor_table_form&db=TABLE_NAME">Go to Editor</a>|;

This seems to be working fine, but...
I want my table to be a choice in the dropdown menu.

I read that I can edit the template db_nav.html and underneath


add in <option>Name of Your Table</option>

Then I should have all the add/modify/delete options available.

So, in order to add my table to the drodown menu, I HAVE to edit the admin template?
I would prefer not to have to do that, and will stick to my current menu item if I have to.

Maybe the def files should have an option to be included in the table editor dropdown menu?
After all, I have created the table, and there is an existing def file, so rather than
editing the admin db_nav.html file, just give us a flag to include it in the menu.

Also, this post says that I should have a field named 'ID' which "will make the quick search function properly on your system".
The post is old, so I wonder if it is still relevant? I do not have a field named 'ID', and searching seems to be working fine.

Thanks for any clarification
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Re: [rgbworld] Put Table in Admin Table Editor In reply to
Plugins probably shouldn't be adding to that menu as people will not be expecting to have changes there. Plugin options should be kept in the plugin's own menu.