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Pugdog: email card plugin help!

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Pugdog: email card plugin help!
sorry pugdog....couldn't find an email on your site and wanted more info on the greeting card plug in.

Is it all 'internal'? ie does the user leave the site at all?
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Re: [stevestud] Pugdog: email card plugin help! In reply to

The user stays on your site, and has to come to your site to pick up the card.

The card is not sent to the user, only a link to the card is. there are many reasons for that, and I really don't want to change it. I *HATE* getting big ugly files in my mail box, and delete them as a matter of course. No viruses can be transmitted via the link-click method.

I've just got so much going on, the sites have sort of fallen into disrepair.

my email is pugdog @ pugdog.com, an easy one to remember :)

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