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Premium listings question

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Premium listings question
Hello everybody,

I've a question and hope you can help me or give me good advice on this.

I did a minor links modification where I add a value to my links db. I'm using that value as a Premium listing and I've all my listings displayed based on the Premium value. Example: I've 4 types of listings:

400 - 301
300 - 201
200 - 101
100 and below

So on my categories, all my sites are displayed based on that value, where the highest its the 1st one to show. Now, I want to give the same idea regarding searches on my site. As right now when someone do a search it doesnt respect the Premium value and it display the results based just on the score.

build_sort_order_search its set to: Premium DESC,score
build_sort_order_search_cat its set to: score

How or what kind of values or parameters do I need to modify in order to get my results listed with the premium value as well?

Thanks in advance for any advice on this.

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Re: [Jesus] Premium listings question In reply to
I figure this out :)

I modified the value of: build_search_gb to No in search options, doing that the program now gives me the results the way I want and need :)