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Pre-Spider Purchase questions

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Pre-Spider Purchase questions
1. Can the spider index only specific tld's i.e. index only .edu's or .org's

2. Can the spider be configured to search in your local database first and if there are no results found to go to the spidered database?
list local database first and then the spidered results after, one above the other??

</not a clue>

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Kilroy: Jan 1, 2002, 9:41 AM
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Re: [Kilroy] Pre-Spider Purchase questions In reply to
Hi Kilroy,

1. You can use the spider's filters to spider only the tlds. However, it's not just a keyword based filter and you'll have to write some perl code. The api for the spider's filters can be found here: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/perl/plugins/help.cgi?do=help&topic=Spider/rules_screen.html

2. By default, if the plugin is installed, the site is searched first than if there are no results, it will search the spider database. You can set it up to search the spider database ONLY or always include the results from the spider database.

Hope this helps,