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Postcards Add-on/Plug-in
Postcards plug-in (yes!! I almost have it a plug in!!) will be available within two weeks. This will attach to a links site, and not require another license.

Some issues have to be worked out, but it will be the same high-end script that has run our sites for the past year or so, updated to the 2.0 version.

It will take any image/url as input, and _NOT_ require you to feed it a link ID or other attachment from Links. You can set up separate images pages, or whatever. All you do is call postcards.cgi with a picture= parameter.

The postcards site mod _will_ require another license, and will use more Links internals to provide significantly more features.

I'm working 36 hour days to get this all done, I feel the walls that have been holding me back are suddenly gone, and if I don't drop from exhaustion, I should be close to my schedule posted in the File/Upload 01.xx.xx thread.

Any questions on the postcards plug-in post them here, the file upload stuff, post in the other thread.

(Thanks Alex for the new organization!)

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