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Plugins vs hackz - the story continous ...

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Plugins vs hackz - the story continous ...
Hi all,
siting at the new links since some hours i have again started to hack the code to my needs;
nothing special, im no programer at all, but simple things to improve the functionality.
For example: Different detailed + link.html for each category and/or each link;
different add-forms for different cats; the same to add_success and errors while adding;
the next would be the modify ...
The same to different email-templates for each cat.
Todos now:
- different mails to chosse while validating
- and very important second tables for the links;
imagine a field in links-table where u choose an aditional table for some special fields.
Example: you have pets and cars, but you need age and color for the cars, but height and weight for the pets;
till now i add any field i need to the links-table; but especially for one cat, i need 20 additional fields, so i must have a real big field-list; the better way seems to have only the needed fields for all links and to say in which additional table the other fields are.

I write this to see, if someone would or could program my mods to plugins; i dont need it (while the upgrade problem stays); but maybe some others would enjoy these hackz in form of plugins.

My english is not the best and if i could find someone in germany, especially around cologne, fine. But i will try my best to talk to every other, too.

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pugdog 1700 Feb 12, 2002, 9:38 AM