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Plugins Update
After countless setbacks, including this last 2.5+ weeks internet down time, I've decided to take some email advice (sort of) and go back to my original way of doing things.

I have to build my sites, and get them working the way I need to, by developing key modules and parts, not by bluilding "plugins" per se. The two large projects I'm working on are not plugins, they are OEM versions of Links, that behave like plugins (ie: after install, they will survive Links SQL upgrades). Trying to shoehorn them into a plugin has taken up so much of my time, and the potential for the use of the plugins just doesn't warrant it.

1) Logo/Upload etc mod will be reworked as a plugin for 2.1 and stabilized as is.

2) existing "free" plugins will be updated as necessary.

3) postcards.cgi will be maintained and expanded as needed.

4) Upload Gallery / Shopping Cart / Classifieds / Arbitrary Attachments will *not* be a plugin, but will be essentially OEM versions of Links. I'll work out with Alex how to do it, once the programs are ready to be released, but the complexities of creating complicated install programs that can handle all errors and conditions is just beyond the scope of what I intended.

Basically, I'll install the program on your system, and get it working. This means creating some new databases, .def files, and putting some stuff in the Plugins area. A "shell" script will set up the plugins area, but that is about it. It won't be a "plugin", though it will use the same calling conventions, and such, it will not be user installable. The install routines are just too time consuming for the anticipated number of people who will be interested in the system, at least at first.

The plugins I released before, were extensions of what I needed for my site(s) and I've lost sight of that, and lost purpose -- and quite frankly desire -- to just write plugins.

That was never my purpose. The installation code and packing it into plugins was draining my time and energy, and enthusiasm.

As my sites get back on-line, if you see something you like, we can work it out.

As things mature, it might be possible to put them into plugins, over time, but the primary goal is to get the software written, and get it working.

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