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Plugin to add links by cron

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Plugin to add links by cron

I'm using the GossamerLinks v.3.1.0 and I need to add new links from Excel (There are about 30-40 new links in each xls file)

For this I must do it through a cron job some days of the week.

Does anybody know a plugin to upload links using crons ?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: [JoseML] Plugin to add links by cron In reply to
Hi JoseML,

Andy has a plugin called Data_Import which can import csv or text file into Glinks. You can export your excel file as csv file and use cronjob to import this.

The Excel file can be also extracted and imported with a new plugin. Can you PM or post a sample Excel?




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Re: [tandat] Plugin to add links by cron In reply to
Thanks Dat for your answer.

The problem I`m having is that I need to transfer some links from one database to the other.

I dont want to transfer the whole Links and CatLinks tables but only a portion.

Both databases have the exact same structure.

How could I create a cvs file with the data from the links on one of the databases where the information from Links and CatLinks tables is included, so as to transfer that to the other database through the Data_import plugin from Andy or any other script?

Thanks in advance.