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Plugin system problems
I've found several problems while developing my plugins:
1) Plugin wizard is available to create a plugin once. But it is not possible to edit core plugin data with the Wizard again. Would be fine to be able to EDIT the plugin data even later, after the plugin was created.

2) In Install.pm it is not possible to use long descriptive name for plugin, in the plugins menu. The original plugin file name is used in the plugin menu which of course can not wrapped, since it has to be Perl module compatible name [a-z_].
In install menu we use this code to install the menu items:
$mgr->install_menu ( 'L2S2_NE_CatName_Conv', [
] ] );
But the plugin file name is used display plugin name in menu: 'L2S2_NE_CatName_Conv', instead of long descriptive plugin name.

Alex, Staff please think about having a long plugin name, which can be displayed & wrapped in plugin menu, instead of the short non-wrapping plugin file name.

That's all at the moment, but if I will remember some other annoyances, I will also post them here.


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