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Plugin modification and customization

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Plugin modification and customization
I've been trying to configure the Claim this link plugin with no luck. The first thing i need to know is if after anybody add a link, will be this link claimable? or is an admin job to make all new links climable? do i need to run a query in order to make all my links able to be claimable, and, if so, can somebody tell me how to, step by step.

Also i'll need to know how much will you charge me to do this customization. I need to say that i didn't installed this product so i just don't know where to locate all the manuals and files needed to work with this. i've been reading here and there, but it seems that there is no much information (manual) about it.

Our site is running and we need to move faster so we need your help in order to have our users working.

Thanks again
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Re: [rastabits] Plugin modification and customization In reply to
You will find all the answers to the creation of the universe here.


Hope this helps.
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Re: [Gypsypup] Plugin modification and customization In reply to
Thanks... but, i still need to know what is all about, i mean, i need to know how does it works in order to make changes. I have an idea but i'm not sure it's just like i think. for instance: a user adds a link, that later will be verified by the admin, once admitted (validated), it will be shown at the links page and the user, if logged-in will have the ability to modify it. But maybe the user (anyone) add this link but he doesn't own it, so the Claimable link will be seen for all the people that reach the page?? if so, how i'm i supposed to do this??

I was told to place this code:
<%if link_claimable%>
&nbsp;<%body_font%><small><a href="<%db_cgi_url%>/modify.cgi?do=claim;ID=<%ID%>">Claim this Link</a></small></font>
at the link.html, i did it, and also to run a query, did that too. i made changes to the ClaimLink.pm also (changing "{ link_claimable => 1 }" from 0 to 1) but it doesn't work, so i understand i'm missing something. I need to be sure about what i'm doing, i mean, is not like woman can have babies, is about knowing the process in between, got it? it could be that my mother language is Spanish and i don't understand or do not explain clearly, please gimme details about the process and i'm sure i'll find the way...

I need to make all the links inserted by all the users Claimable, and then, and once every new link becomes validated that at the same time the owner get the chance to claim it, and so on...

Thanks a lot!!
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Re: [rastabits] Plugin modification and customization In reply to
What isn't working?

If you made the changes as listed, you should have results.


<%if Status eq 'Administrator'%>

to the end of your template.

Log on with your administrator's ID, and see if the "link_claimable" field is listed. Make sure you typed it exactly as it shows in the template dump.

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