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I am setting up a site that is specific to the roofing industry. I currently have 650+ links in LSQL. What I would now like to beable to offer is a way for people to locate companies/contractors in their area. To do this I am assuming the easiest way is via zipcode. I understand (I think) what I need to do to add the zipcode portion to each new link added, but the searching of "Nearby" codes is beyond my abilities. Is this a viable plugin feature, and is anyone interested in creating, helping, or possible subcontracting this? It would be nice to probably have it do "City, State" as well, with it scoring done by STATE -> CITY -> ZIP -> NEARBY ZIPS (couple digits off if it actually wrks that way)

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The "nearby" feature depends on the postal zipcode database. I'm sure there are some scripts on cgi-resources that can show you how to use it. I'm not sure the format, but weather programs also use this type of feature.

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The hamweather program includes a zipcode database.

Robert Blackstone
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