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Plugin Idea: Conditional Detailed Build

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Plugin Idea: Conditional Detailed Build
I have some links that I want a detailed page built for, and some that link to an external site. Currently, LSQL builds detailed pages for ALL links if you turn it on in the admin. What about making it so that LSQL only builds detailed pages if X field has data in it? Would other poeple be into having a plugin like this? Would it be usefull to you to not have hundreds or thousands of extra detailed pages built? Anyone want to make such a plugin? Wink

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Evoir: Feb 26, 2003, 11:37 PM
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You can do this with the PageBuilder plugin.

What you would have to do is the following:

- disable the usual build detailed feature
- create a new 'links' type page with the plugin, where you set 'build condition' to something like 'myfield = 1'. This will build detailed pages for all links that have 'myfield' set to 1.

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