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Could anybody post To: From: Subject: Extra headers and Body of Payment_received.eml template for me please?

Thank you
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Re: [Z] Payment_received.eml In reply to
If you used the e-mail template editor, you should be able to restore it (or get a copy of it) from the template directory since your changes would have been saved in the 'local' directory. But here's the contents of the file anyway:

To: <%if Contact_Email%><%if Contact_Name%><%Contact_Name%> <<%Contact_Email%>><%else%><%Contact_Email%><%endif%><%elsif Name%><%Name%> <<%Email%>><%else%><%Email%><%endif%>
From: <%config.db_admin_email%>
Subject: Payment has been received and your link has been added

Hello<%if Contact_Name%> <%Contact_Name%><%elsif Name%> <%Name%><%endif%>,

Thank you for visiting our site. Your payment has been processed and
your link has been added to our directory:

Title: <%Title%>
URL: <%URL%>
Category: <%Category%>
Description: <%Description%>
Contact Name: <%Contact_Name%>
Contact E-mail: <%Contact_Email%>

You can see your new listing at:


Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


Links Manager

File : payment_received.eml
Description : This is the e-mail a user receives when their payment has
been processed and the link has been added.
Tags : All the properties of the link that was just added are
available plus:
Category => The category the link was added to.