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Pagebuilder 101
I need some very basic instructions on what I need to do to create a page.

Say, I've got a site running just linksql and I want to add 4 pages, including an About Us, About our Merchants etc.

How do I do this with page builder?

I would assume one would go "Add Page", create a simple page or a category page (?) and set up the name and title and some of the other parameters. Then where do I enter the HTML? Or do I create a file and upload it to the server?

Are there any FAQs lying around? I'm a quick learner .. I promise. :)
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Re: [shrirch] Pagebuilder 101 In reply to
You can get some instructions from the PageBuilder 'About' menu.

As to your specific question: You indeed need to 'Add a Page' from the plugin menu. Then, for an 'About Us' page, you should create a 'simple' page (a 'category' page would build a page for every category...). Once you save the page definition, a template will be created in the 'pagebuilder' template directory. You should edit this template to suit your needs.

I hope this helps.

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Re: [yogi] Pagebuilder 101 In reply to
Ah .. thats the part I was missing out on. Editing the templates. I didn't know the pages went there. :)

Thanks! I can now play around with this..