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Pagebuilder - Static pages problem.

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Pagebuilder - Static pages problem.

I'm missing something simple here but can't work it out.

I'm trying to build a couple of static pages but it keeps coming up with:
Building link pages: (skipping, static building disabled)

The following is being used:
Page ID 1
Page Type Link
Page Name printer
Page Title
Parent Page Root
Page Root 0
Breadcrumb Type Category
Page Condition LinkType = PPC
Meta Description
Meta Keywords
Build Static Yes
Build Directory info
Build Filename <%LinkID%>.html
Display Dynamic Yes
View Permissions Everybody
File Type HTML

I can view them in dynamic mode so the Page Condition must be correct and also tried a few others aswell as Category pages, simple pages etc.

Can anyone see what the problem is or what it may be.?




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minesite: Aug 17, 2004, 9:36 PM
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Re: [minesite] Pagebuilder - Static pages problem. In reply to
Problem fixed itself after doing a full rebuild it will now allow me to build from the admin panel.Pirate