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Re: [hmc] PageBuilder Plugin In reply to
This seems to be a bug that is caused by the new behaviour of HTMLDOC in the latest version. They included an environment varivable HTMLDOC_NOCGI which has to be set, if you want to run HTMLDOC on a webserver.

If have uploaded a new version (1.0.6) to the server which should fix the problem.

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Re: [yogi] PageBuilder Plugin In reply to
Hi Ivan,

Any ideas on a mod_rewrite rule to work with your hashing method of static files?

i.e /cached/12/4343412.html , /cached/51/455451.html ... etc

I've been bugging myself over this for AGES now, but can't seem to get it right :(


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] PageBuilder Plugin In reply to
i try to make a userpage with pagebuilder,
in static mode it works all fine, and i can use all tags of the users table.

But in dynamic mode the
Page Condition: Status = guest doesn t work.

it works good if
Page Condition: Status = registered for registered users,

but if i set
Page Condition: Status = guest
i see only the pagebuilder template and the
user tags will not be taken from the users table.

I hope somebody can imagine where the problem can be??
Please help,...smile...

best regards

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Re: [manne] PageBuilder Plugin In reply to
I have the solution......



the tags for dynamic mode start with


i am stupid a little...smile...


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